Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Stop Motion Videos with iStopMotion

My class is pretty excited about the new Lego movie coming out soon. We talked a lot about stop motion and how cool it was. In the past we have done stop motion videos with digital cameras, tripods, and iMovie. It took a long time, but the results were worth it. But now I am loving the app iStopMotion by Bionx. It is just about the best stop motion app I have seen. It is super simple to use, has controls that are familiar to students who use iPads, allows for audio recording after the pics are all taken, and best of all it offers a camera overlay that lets you see where your last pic was. My students watched the how to video that comes with the app and then were off and running making cool stop motion videos. The assignment was to write a story after filling out a story map to ensure they had a complete plot, then they could begin their own Lego stop motion video. In a very short time they came up with some pretty neat videos for their first time.
Here are 3 videos made with iStopMotion
The Stolen Things - http://youtu.be/5hnM_fEV9QE
Joe and Mr. Leego - http://youtu.be/WQ6vzmPl6Xw
Gold! All mine! - http://youtu.be/6778xPzaLL0
In a few weeks we will be reading some Greek myths and summarizing them. Then, the students will make stop motion videos with this app! They are very excited to use the app again and I am excited to see what they create!