Friday, September 13, 2013

Dot Day with Augmented Reality

Today my class celebrated Dot Day! We enjoyed reading Peter Reynolds book The Dot Then we worked on making our own mark with dots we would later use with the colAR app. We used the colAR app to make our dots come to life. It was great fun to do this in our classroom. But, it got even better when we connected through Skype with Mrs. Harju's class of 2nd graders at St. Stephen's School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mrs. Harju's 2nd graders guessed where we were Skyping from based on clues my 6th graders gave them. Then we shared our dots through Skype! The students took turns holding up their dots to the camera and the school on the other side of the Skype used the colAR app to bring them to life! It was just like magic...

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