Friday, January 10, 2014

Webpages Made Easily and for Free

I have published my webpages for about 10 years with iWeb. My pages were hosted using Apple's Mobile Me until that service ended a few years ago. After that, my school district hosted the pages and it was fine, but I had to be on the school network to publish. I was thankful that they hosted them, but it was a pain to have to be at school to publish. Finally, when I was frustrated enough with it and wanted a more up to date look, I went to to publish my pages. It was simple and easy, best of all it was free! Yes, there is a paid version, but I an content with the free version. Weebly features beautiful templates, many options for page layouts, drag and drop, and text editing like a word processor. Weebly is simple, beautiful, and easy. Give it a try today.

Here is the link to my class webpage -

Here is the link to my professional webpage -

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