Thursday, August 1, 2013

QR Codes and Back to School

Last year I started out the year with two QR Code activities that my students really enjoyed. The first was a ticket to 6th grade and it had a QR Code on it. When students scanned the QR Code they found out where their desk was. They really enjoyed this new way to find their seats! The second activity had students create their own QR Codes that when scanned told others about them. It was a QR Code get to know you activity. These activities got kids ready to use QR Coded for the rest of the year in 6th grade. I am going to use them again this year, and you can too!

Below are links in Google Drive. You can make a copy of them and use as you see fit for your class and your students.

QR Code Tickets To Your Seat

QR Code Get To Know you activity

Check out this cool QR Code generator I ran across yesterday.
I have not used it with kids, but I made some cool looking codes with it yesterday while playing with it.

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